Kamiya Nobutake
Universität Zürich. Asien-Orient-Institut. Japanische Bibliothek. Academic librarian
Egami Toshinori
International Research Center for Japanese Studies. Librarian
Naomi Yabe Magnussen
University of Oslo library. Humanities and Social Sciences library. Senior librarian
Fukusima Yukihiro
Keio University. Associate Professor
Iino Katsunori
National Institute of Informatics. Project Researcher





How can we deliver digital archive contents to the people who need them? (Panel discussion)

We would like to continue the panel discussion we had last year. This year, the invited panelists and European librarians will discuss on the theme “how to deliver digital archive contents to the people who need them”.

As in the panel discussion last year, Toshinori Egami from Nichibunken should moderate the discussion. Yukihiro Fukusima and Katsunori Iino will be invited as guests, and Naomi Magnussen Yabe and Nobutake Kamiya will participate from Europe.

The reach-out of digital archive contents is very important for European librarians, and although the panel discussion will not present any results, we believe that it will be the germ of some new thoughts and ideas for the listener.