Gotō Makoto
National Museum of Japanese History. Associate Professor
Hashimoto Yuta
National Museum of Japanese History. Assistant Professor
Kawabe Sakiko
National Museum of Japanese History. Project Researcher




New Online Research Resources at Rekihaku and Trends of "Digital Archives" in Japan

We will describe the trends of digital archives in Japan from 2019 to 2022 and report on the new research data of the National Museum of Japanese History (Rekihaku) and its future. 

With the official opening of Japan Search, integrated and cross-sectoral portal website for digital archives in Japan, in 2019, digital archives in Japan has entered a new phase. Additional to current leading organizations which have promoted digital archives under the Japanese government, the network is being strengthened to include a wider range of archives. At the same time, types of released data and computational methods for them are getting more and more diverse.

Rekihaku has completed the "Integrated Studies of Culture and Research Resources” project and has started a new project. This presentation will explain the datasets that have been provided by this project so far, and will also present the future prospects of the project.

As for historical resources, we have released images, catalogs, and TEI data of "Engishiki," which is a legal text of ancient Japan. These can be used as basic resources for research on ancient Japanese history. In addition, several Chinese classics that are national treasures and local historical documents have been added to the database. We are also considering a system for releasing fundamental materials for research. These new resources of Rekihaku will be presented as well.